Yoga with Mischa

Yoga as a way of living. Awareness of the present moment, mindfulness approach. Seeing the magic of presence is life-changing, and the voice of my heart led me down the path of breath work, the physical and mental aspects of yoga, and offering the power of the present moment to others.

Food for thought

On average, 50,000 thousand thoughts pass through our minds a day, of which more than half are negative and 90% are repeated from the previous day. How do you feel about your thoughts? Are you able to be aware of them?

My yoga journey

I found my passion for yoga already in college, but it deepened in Australia, where I lived for 9 years.
Yoga has been with me for more than 20 years, my perception of it has been taking different routes and it is always changing. Physically demanding yoga practice was my springboard, but the body demanded rest – in the form of yin yoga, conscious breathing, meditation. As the body slowed, the mind quieted and I began to notice my heart. The ability to regulate your emotions, thoughts, listen to your heart and bring presence to every moment.
From a physical point of view, yoga practice helps me with chronic pain, and from a mental point of view, it teaches me to accept and respect the world, thoughts, pains, opinions, conflicts, as they are. Without judging or trying to change them. In my lessons, I channel the love and joy that yoga brings to me. Yoga guides me through life and I deepen it with my own practice of the yoga lifestyle in everyday life.

You can find me


You can find me every Tuesday at Jóga Bylinky in Český Krumlov at the Yoga Frymburk studio. Yin&Yang lesson, where your body will connect with your breath, your mind with your heart, and you will have the opportunity to dive into your inner self. A combination of gentle and calm yin yoga (which can be more demanding on the mind than dynamic) with fiery and strong yang yoga, which you are used to, for example, from dynamic yoga lessons.


Extended weekends are carried in the spirit of togetherness and the possibility to look inside ourselves. The circle of sharing is an integral part and offers an opportunity to open the heart and be who we are deep down. Continuously remembering the present moment and being aware of our thoughts, emotions and feelings. Finding time for yourself and at the same time the possibility of getting to know other souls experiencing the human experience.

The river of life flows independently of our preferences. Whether we merge, flow, swim or drown is our personal decision. Not all shadows of life agree with us, but they are there for a reason. Sometimes all we have to do is be patient and let it go.
– Om Swami –