Who am I?

I am a soul wandering in human form and gaining knowledge and experience born into this body in Slovakia. While in college, I became interested in bartending as an art. Not only the alchemy of making drinks, but especially the connection with the guest. Perhaps it was the experiences of my childhood and adolescence that gave me the idea of going away from Europe for a while. That moment lasted for 9 years in Australia. The beginnings were difficult, but all the difficulties and beautiful experiences were life-shaping. I fell in love with the energy of the ocean, its liveliness, unrestrainedness, freedom. I spent my mornings and evenings in the ocean swimming long distances, bodysurfing, or freediving. I love sunrises and sunsets over the ocean, and these scenes, as a supplement to practicing the different levels of yoga, were extremely nourishing for me.
I completely fell into the art of bartending and in a few years full of learning, practicing various tricks, participating in world cocktail competitions and countless hours behind the bar, I was at the forefront it the bartending world among females in Sydney. The world of flavors, aromas, eye-pleasing cocktails was only a fraction of what really filled me with this job.
Human approach, empathy, understanding, community building, relationships between myself and guests and colleagues. And that has been with me all my life. I just moved from the night world to the day world, where I practice awareness of each moment, connection to myself and relationship between me and other beings.
Nightlife was draining my energy and it was time to move on to the next stage of life. This was followed by traveling, freediving in various corners of the world, meeting my soul partner, deepening my yoga knowledge and experience, and then moving back to the Old Continent. We took over the operation of a family guesthouse and after starting a family, we transformed our guesthouse into a yoga center where like-minded souls meet.
I also found my way back to bartending, but in a cleaner non-alcoholic form. The diversity of the plant world is enormous and its potential does not have to be transferred only into the form of tasty dishes.
I am a lover of ceremonial cacao as mental medicine, an organizer of cacao ceremonies and an enthusiast of understanding the voice of the heart and my inner guru.
My passions are plant-based food, cooking, ecology, understanding the human mind, personal growth,  music, relationships and nature.
Getting to know the cultures of other countries is an important part of personal growth for me, which deepens my understanding, awakens deeper under-standings towards other beings, empathy, sense of connection to everything that is happening around us.
Life provides various experiences, obstacles in our lifes and everything shapes us. The opportunity to live in a small village, to spend time in nature, with myself opened up a world of presence and gratitude. Inner growth, moving forward, mindfulness during every moment, offering my experiences is this world and I would be happy to welcome you to it.

PS: You will not find a list of certifications here. Of course there are courses up in my sleeve. However I feel that list of certifications is never as telling as an introspective insights, honest authenticity, connection and understanding underlying interconnections in life.

Where I feel at home