Cacao Ceremony

The cacao ceremony represents an ideal opportunity to deepen personal development and strengthen relationships in both professional and personal life. This ritual, inspired by ancient Mayan and Aztec traditions, is sought after today for its effectiveness in supporting self-awareness and emotional health.

Ceremonial cacao, known for its ability to open the heart and improve mood, stimulates deep insight, creativity, and inspiration. Regular participation in cacao ceremonies can lead to better mental clarity and increased work efficiency due to the newly discovered inner strength and peace.

These gatherings take place in a carefully curated group environment, which is crucial for collective emotional healing and provides space for introspection and targeted personal growth. In modern times, they have become popular for their ability to support mindfulness of our internal processes, to stop, to be present, and to really find out what troubles our heart and how to let go. Discover how you can deepen your professional commitments and personal relationships through this refreshing and enriching experience.

My cacao journey

The love for ceremonial cacao came just after the birth of my daughter, when I was going through a difficult phase of my life. The departure from the beloved ocean, the uncertainty arising from the new life path and the wounds from childhood met at one time and my heart felt lost. A beloved friend living in Mexico gave me ceremonial cacao for my birthday with precise preparation and it changed my life. During countless mini ceremonies with myself, with tears, with pen and paper, I learned to listen to my heart, feelings, emotions, my inner voice; to your inner guru.
Ceremonial cacao as a subtle medicine opened up the way to myself and I felt a huge inner strength to show the charms of this gentle medicine to other souls.
Mama cacao calls each of us in her own way and mine is to show the power of words and the power of sharing. During the ceremony, a safe space is created and everyone has the opportunity to pull out long-forgotten, repressed, hidden pains, sorrows, unprocessed emotions from their depths. By releasing deep emotions, we open the way to new possibilities, a fresh view of the world. Together we create a connection to ourselves and others. Cacao opened the way to myself and I understood that offering its power is one of my missions in this life

Cacao Ceremony

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